It has been so long since I made a posting. Partially due to being too busy with boat repairs and work but also due a slight despondency with the overwhelming amount of work to do. I am no expert nor would I even describe myself as a competent beginner. I am but a guy trying his best to figure out how to do things. I spend countless hours in consideration of projects before finally deciding an approach and carrying it out. You tube has been a great learning resource but even with the good advice found here I find myself doing a project 2 or even 3 times to get it close to right. If you eve come on the boat please don’t look too close. I think i will have to shoot video of her with a nice soft focus filter šŸ˜›

I have finally installed the anchor chain diversion system to direct the anchor chain closer to midship and out of the bow. It takes up a bit of room and has decreased the space in the V birth but I think I will gain much better balance and a much lighter bow. The V birth will mostly be for sail storage unless I have guests on board as it is pretty small for me to use as a birth. The chain is 300 feet of BBB 3/8 inch and weighs almost 500 lbs. The Rocna anchor weighs another 73 lbs. Thats a lot of weight at the very front of the bow.

There is much left to finish the area still. I am going to fit a roller below the bottom of the hawse pipe to help keep the chain aligned and of course the cabinetry needs to be completed. Including making cushions for possible use for sleep.


It was a damn cold winter and that too provided some challenges in repairs.

After much consideration I have decided to change the name of the boat to Mica after my daughter Micaela. I have been fortunate to have been reunited with her after many years of her absence from my life. She was always in my heart and thoughts and I knew this day would one day come but I am very happy it is many years earlier than I imagined.

Herb, Skipper s/v Mica

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