Be Forewarned… “There is no Justice in the Justice System”

In a letter I was to pen to the Marine surveyor that was hired to asses my boat formerly known as Artful Dodger, I wrote….. “Although you have prevailed in this proceeding it is my sincere hope that you have learned to have a less cavalier and more professional approach to future surveys of vessels. I do not know if you indeed have the required knowledge to professionally assess a vessel adequately or are just lazy. However your attitude and professionalism has been poorly demonstrated. The consequences stemming from your lack of professionalism may have had even more serious consequences than the extensive time and money I have been subjected to in order to correct your failings. God forbid that in the future others suffer more serious, life threatening consequences…”

I have struggled with the idea of calling out the surveyor based near Kingston Ontario, for quite some time now. Initially I was quiet because of the legal action I had brought against him for the extremely deficient survey I received from him for the boat formerly known as “Artful Dodger”. I feel the public should be warned of the real harm that can be done and so I have posted a warning to research well before you hire a marine surveyor.

It is incredulous that the Judge sided with the surveyor’s main witness in believing that the extensive corrosive decay I found after the purchase of “Artful Dodger” was the result of stray current corrosion. This witness had only seen photographs of the corrosion. Many of which you can find in this blog in earlier posts. It is impossible for anyone to unequivocally state from a photo that the corrosion occurred at a particular time. Without a doubt it did not happen in the few months I owned the boat as it was hardly even in the water and I cared for as one does a new child. 

At a preliminary arbitration the judge at that time said that, and I paraphrase… “There is no Justice in the court if that is what you are looking for.”

I will soon include here as a PDF attachment my evidences presented to the court and the court’s decision against my case. I will let you decide. I would however caution each of you to research the surveyors you intend to hire. Surveyors come with all maner of Certifications. Some real, some nothing more than a purchased document.

Stay away from anybody that appear to be training. Instead hire an ethical professional.


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