A Sea Gypsea Comes to Life

I am caught in a current that is sweeping me toward the distant haze of my childhood dreams.

The dream of sailing the world has been so long in my psyche that I feel I had been born with it. In my youth I would often feel in a melancholy mood and wonder if I should not have been born at an earlier time in history. A time where the globe stretched like countless waves into the haze of distance beyond ones knowledge. I always dreamed of traveling by sea to lands yet undiscovered to marvel at the newness of the landscape and the strange ways of the indigenous people. 

Once, great men defying all odds undertook passages into the unknown…

The world today seems simultaneously immense and tiny when considering an adventure circumnavigating the globe by sailboat. Once, great men defying all odds undertook passages into the unknown and with heroic effort of will returned to tell their strange tales. Soon a not so herculean man will voyage into the unknown aboard a small sailboat named Mica. The s/v Mica will travel into an unknown that is both foreign and familiar. Familiar by default of the many over the millennia who have gone before and returned to their homes with the riches found afar. Riches I could read about, watch on documentaries and latest still, watch in real time on You tube and other social medium platforms. And yet to me it was as distant as the moon. 

I am now so close I can almost feel the waves rocking me towards the future. I am caught in a current that is sweeping me toward the distant haze of my childhood dreams. Soon the boat will be re-fitted and complete enough to begin the journey. Soon I too will marvel the familiar ports of yet to call.

I am caught in a current that is sweeping me toward the distant haze of my childhood dreams…

To celebrate my journey I had for many years now thought I would commemorate the occasion with a tattoo. I have been considering a design for a very long time and I am now considering immortalizing the s/v Mica in ink upon a most personal canvas. To that end I tripped upon a website called Fiverr and found an excellent illustrator going by the name jowyanderson (https://www.fiverr.com/jowyanderson). He was able to produce an excellent image for me and was extremely easy and helpful to work with. Thank you Jowy 🙂 

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The slide show above shows the progression of images. From his image I am sure I will be able to find my tattoo, and logo for the boat.

Head Repairs

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What a mess I found after removing the floorboards. Rusted holed hull, rusted stringers, old corroded and foul pipes.

It is now starting to look fresher. I am Building a new holding tank out of plywood and fibreglass. The old tank was aft of the head below the bilge but too was rotten and poorly plumbed with hoses coming and going everywhere. It was removed and now I can use that space for heavy storage and future expansion of a water desalinator. The new holding tank will be above the waterline behind the head but hidden by a removable wall. It will be gravity drained which will be very helpful while off shore.

I haven’t decided what to do with the walls. Any suggestions? I was thinking a clean simple look of white as it is or even pine wainscotting or even stainless steel… Hmmmmm?

S/V Mica is creating a community exploring our world and the amazing people in it.

S/V Mica and skipper Herb are traveling this beautiful and diverse world to experience new peoples, cultures, traditions and ways of life.

Along the way we hope to introduce you to not only the amazing beauty of the natural environment and the people we come across but also human’s impact upon it. 

I invite you to join me in a voyage of discovery, and insight into our world and the human experience. I hope to show you a glimpse of that diversity and the human spirit. By sharing these experiences and learning from others the S/V Mica hopes to bring people and cultures closer to each other, to promote understanding, tolerance and respect for others.

Jump on board and join me on this wonderful adventure exploring this big beautiful world and it’s amazing people by sailboat.

Thank you

Herb Bradley
Skipper S/V Mica

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